Becoming a lottery affiliate

Earn money promoting the lottery!

What is a lottery affiliate?

A lottery affiliate is somebody who
  • Wishes to make money promoting the sale of lottery tickets and other games online.
  • Monetise their own lottery, casino, gambling, wordpress, website.
  • Who does not wish to have a stand alone website.

Typically an affiliate is someone who has a porfolio of websites and who wishes to monetise the traffic at minimum effort.

What does it cost to become a lottery affiliate?

It is 100% free!

How does it work?

It is really simple:
  • Create a lottery affiliate account.
  • Create a campaign
  • Link to our site using our banners and links
  • Earn 15% off the gross sale of every affiliate purchase, forever
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Terms and conditions

  • You can not sign yourself up as your own affiliate.
  • You can not pay for your affiliates tickets.
  • You can not create a second account and sign that up as an affiliate.
  • We only allow one account per household (which means you can not sign up an affiliate from the same household).
  • Sign up family and friends so long as you abide by the above criteria.
  • Please note affiliate earnings are paid out to the account name in question.
  • If your affiliate cancels their order or charges back on their card - you will lose this commission.
  • If a user opts to delete or cancel their account your number of referred affiliates will drop.
  • Pre-existing customers can not be refferred as affiliates.
  • We can pay by NETeller / MoneyBookers or Wire transfer (you are liable for wire transfer costs).
  • Payments are made from the 25th of each month.
  • We monitor our affiliate account balances and will only make payments of €50 or over
  • Client Chargebacks will results in a decreased in affiliate earnings.
  • Affiliate payments will not be made for pending orders
  • If for any reason we suspect fraud linked to an affiliate account we reserve the right to delay such payments.
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  • Tools to help you promote the lottery.
  • Statistics to track your progress.



  • Easy to understand interface.
  • Good statistics


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