March 21, 2018
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Private Island, Anyone?

So, you are about to embark on one of the most life altering adventures of your life – purchasing your own private island. Congratulations! However, there are a few important things to consider along the way. It’s very easy to get caught up in the romance of the exercise without considering if Continue Reading
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A Million Dollar Start to 2018

We all celebrate the new year, a fresh start and the anticipation of things to come as we set our goals and go full speed ahead. Now imagine starting 2018 off with a winning lotto ticket, a ticket worth $450 million to be exact.   One lucky and, as yet, still unidentified person has done […]Continue Reading

15 Incredible Lottery Facts – Part 3

15 Incredible Lottery Facts (PART 3) The lottery does change lives and make dreams come true, along with it are some very interesting facts and drama. Click here to see part one and two of this series of articles.   Cop splits lotto ticket with waitress… and they win!   Police detective Robert Cunningham was just about to leave a […]Continue Reading

15 Incredible Lottery Facts – Part 2

15 Incredible Lottery Facts There are some amazing stories, facts and drama in the world of Lottery. If you missed out on last week’s interesting lottery facts then see them here. [Part 2] Even the Vatican City has lotteries! At first the papacy was against lotteries in Rome. Popes Innocent XI and XII threatened Catholics with […]Continue Reading

15 Incredible Lottery Facts – Part 1

15 Incredible Lottery Facts Not only does the lottery make dreams come true and changes a lot of lives, it also has some amazing stories, facts and drama of its own. Here are 15 of the most incredible lottery facts.   (PART 1)   1. Not checking or losing a lottery ticket has cost someone, […]Continue Reading

Winning the Lottery – Here’s How

How to win the lottery The lottery has a reputation for being a game of chance in which the fate of players depends completely on numbers chosen at random. Players select six numbers from a set of balls numbered between one and fifty, and wait in anticipation to see if the numbers selected match any […]Continue Reading

Black Friday – the good, the bad and the ugly

Black Friday – the good, the bad and the ugly Today “Black Friday” is a commercial shopping holiday in which consumers main purpose is to snap-up the best deals for their festive season shopping. Originating in the USA, and spreading to Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the rest of Europe and more recently the Southern […]Continue Reading

Little Known Lottery Facts

If like us, you love to know the in’s and out’s and weird and wonderful stories that go hand in hand with lotteries, then you will love these lottery facts. The lottery has existed for hundreds of years and fascinated players around the world. The lure of winning the jackpot is almost impossible to resist, […]Continue Reading
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Grand Winnings for Humble Winners

Winning the lottery is a life changing event, and even our humble winners cannot escape the rush of a grand prize! Many set their sights on buying a new house while others dream about never working another day in their lives. Does winning the lottery truly change a lifestyle and who a person is? Eliseo […]Continue Reading


The 27th of October will see the last MegaMillions Lottery Draw in the current format, and the 31st of October will see the first draw with the new format. But what does this mean for you? Bigger Jackpots Better Odds Additional Payouts More Mega Balls Increased Price More Options More Millionaires This means that the […]Continue Reading