March 19, 2018
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Feel good

Feel good

From destitute to in the loot!

War tends to destroy many countries, unsettling their people and more often than not, leaving them desperate and destitute. From Syria, Senegal, Mali and Morocco we have some winners stories proving that against all odds, and with a little luck or a lottery jackpot, people can come out Continue Reading
Feel good

Lottery doesn’t discriminate against age!

Lottery winners come in all ages. As long as you play you have a chance of winning not matter how old you are. In this article, we have a look at some of the youngest and oldest lottery winners at the time of their lucky lottery wins. In 2012, a teenager from New York named Robert […]Continue Reading
Feel good

How the lottery helped someone with MS

Having a friend with MS and another’s brother with the same condition, I could not help but want to share this story with our readers. It is amazing how stress plays such an important role in our lives proven especially when the stress is taken away.  This article is courtesy of the National Lottery Website. […]Continue Reading
Feel good

Pets saved by the lottery

We loved this story so much, we had to share it with you. They are the pets who hit the jackpot – when their National Lottery winning owners decided to take on animals who needed love, patience and a whole load of luck. Here we meet one of the adored pets who were saved by […]Continue Reading
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They don’t need the money, they have each other

Usually, people buy a lottery ticket in the hope of winning one day, fulfilling their dream.  Once they have ‘beaten the odds’ and become millionaires, they enjoy their money usually using it for luxuries and to spoil themselves.  This is the usual and accepted scenario. However, Canadian lottery winners Allen and Violet Large decided to […]Continue Reading