March 19, 2018
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Weirdest Wins in the World

We all know that winning the lottery is not only possible, but truly life changing. The internet is filled with stories of lottery winners whose winnings transformed their everyday lives and transported ordinary people into an extraordinary existence. But what about those lucky few who had no Continue Reading
Lottery crime

How to get away with millions

You hear so many stories of how Lotto winners hit the jackpot and use their money wisely.However, statistics show that about 70% of lottery winners end up broke within 7 years and are faced with bankruptcy, jail time or worse, murder and suicide. There is no doubt that winning the lottery will change your life […]Continue Reading
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An unusual way to spend lottery winnings

No matter where you come from and who you are, it is without a doubt almost everyone’s dream to win the lottery. Each of us has our own list of things that we would do if we were to win the lottery, many lists include donating to some charity or to some good cause. But it is […]Continue Reading
Big lottery winners

The largest jackpot won in lottery history

It was on Wednesday 13 January, 2016 that the largest lottery in the word to date was won, by not one, but three tickets. The total winnings of the Powerball jackpot were $1.586 billion.  The anticipation of this Powerball jackpot created a frenzy of ticket purchasing in the US on the day of the lottery […]Continue Reading
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From destitute to in the loot!

War tends to destroy many countries, unsettling their people and more often than not, leaving them desperate and destitute. From Syria, Senegal, Mali and Morocco we have some winners stories proving that against all odds, and with a little luck or a lottery jackpot, people can come out victorious. When a man flees a war-torn country […]Continue Reading
Winner Stories

Strength in Numbers

There is most definitely strength in numbers and this is proven to be true the world over, throughout history. Would you believe that this is also true for people playing the lottery?  Groups of like-minded individuals form syndicates, pool their money and play various numbers or various lottery games. They can be groups of family […]Continue Reading
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Lottery doesn’t discriminate against age!

Lottery winners come in all ages. As long as you play you have a chance of winning not matter how old you are. In this article, we have a look at some of the youngest and oldest lottery winners at the time of their lucky lottery wins. In 2012, a teenager from New York named Robert […]Continue Reading
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Beware: the email that empties your bank account

Imagine getting an email that tells you that you’ve won millions. And all you have to do, to get those millions transferred neatly into your bank account, is reply to the sender with some information. It seems so simple and it’s so irresistible. But if you do reply, you’ll find your bank account emptied,  rather than […]Continue Reading
Lottery crime

When the win is simply too good to be true…

Your odds of winning the Lotto are less than one in a million (sometimes, substantially less than that!). Yet you still buy the lottery ticket. Because if you win, your life will be transformed. You can pay off the house, get rid of debts, secure your children’s’ education and look after your aging parents. Goodbye, […]Continue Reading