March 21, 2018
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15 Incredible Lottery Facts – Part 3

15 Incredible Lottery Facts (PART 3) The lottery does change lives and make dreams come true, along with it are some very interesting facts and drama. Click here to see part one and two of this series of articles.   Cop splits lotto ticket with waitress… and they win!   Police detective Robert Cunningham was just about to leave a […]Continue Reading

15 Incredible Lottery Facts – Part 2

15 Incredible Lottery Facts There are some amazing stories, facts and drama in the world of Lottery. If you missed out on last week’s interesting lottery facts then see them here. [Part 2] Even the Vatican City has lotteries! At first the papacy was against lotteries in Rome. Popes Innocent XI and XII threatened Catholics with […]Continue Reading

15 Incredible Lottery Facts – Part 1

15 Incredible Lottery Facts Not only does the lottery make dreams come true and changes a lot of lives, it also has some amazing stories, facts and drama of its own. Here are 15 of the most incredible lottery facts.   (PART 1)   1. Not checking or losing a lottery ticket has cost someone, […]Continue Reading
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The Lucky Unlucky Day

In a world filled with superstitions and strange beliefs, it is not surprising that lottery players take heed of certain superstitions when playing.   One of the biggest fears of bad luck involves the number 13, to the extent that airlines do not have a Row 13 on their airplanes. In light of this, the […]Continue Reading

Huge Jackpots for Tuesday 6th November

On Tuesday the 6th November we have a massive €130 Million EUR jackpot up for grabs!You can play online now at: On Wednesday the 7th November, the USA Powerball lottery is at a massive: $143 Million USD, you can play online: PlayPowerball  Subscribe in a reader   Enter your email address:Continue Reading